Welcome! Christian and Roope

We are happy to welcome Dr. Christian Asseburg – Director, Evidence Generation – and Roope Metsä – Junior Consultant!

We are thrilled to have our friends and colleagues Christian Asseburg and Roope Metsä back at ESiOR!

Christian Asseburg (PhD, MSci) is a highly accomplished expert in modelling methods and meta-analyses and has previously worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, Iceland, Finland and Sweden. Now he is back and over 5 years of earlier employment continue after a few years in Sweden.

Roope Metsä did his health economics master’s training at ESiOR during summer 2019. As of October 2019, he is working as our junior consultant.

Additional information: Erkki Soini, Christian Asseburg, Roope Metsä

StopDia investment estimation

Web-based interactive estimation app: assessment of potential incidence and cost effects related to intervention​

​StopDia investment estimation application predicts and visualizes in simple example-type fashion the potential social return on investment (SROI, “saving potential”) related to action decreasing the incidence of type 2 diabetes. The saving potential assessment are used for e.g. in the planning and prediction of wellbeing and health promotion actions at the population level. ​

​The estimation app in Finnish is available from link.

Model works best with PC or laptop. Capacity is limited- please try again later if the model does not work.

Additional information: Erkki Soini​

eHealth2019: Five presentations

eHealth2019: Five presentations

We take part in eHealth2019 – International Conference 2019 & The 24th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth “Data-Driven Health” in Kuopio 2-3.4.2019.

Welcome to discuss health technology assessment and evaluation of social and health care services (stand 2) as well as to follow our presentations:

  • Tietoaltaat: Data-analytiikan, tiedon tuotannon ja terveystaloustulosten hyödyntäjän aarreaitta?
  • Cost-benefit evaluation of digital HealthyWeightHub: Virtual Hospital 2.0.
  • Digitalized secondary care services for insulin-dependent diabetes patients – Predictive cost-benefit analysis of Virtual Hospital 2.0 digital care path.
  • Child placement costs and cost drivers: Isaacus Kuopio data lake project.
  • Cost-benefit predictions of the Virtual Hospital 2.0 digitalized secondary care path for women with endometriosis in Turku area and in Finland.


More information: Erkki Soini, Taru Hallinen, Saku Väätäinen

Welcome Tuomas Lundström

ESiOR Oy experience is increasing… We welcome the 12th member of our team.

Tuomas Lundström has joined our team as consultant and data scientist. Tuomas has background from psychology added with statistics know-how. His area of expertise includes R and Python programs, which makes our analytics expertise even stronger for the best of our clients.

Our knowledge and expertise provide best solutions to your challenges!

Additional information: Erkki Soini

Welcome Riikka Kettunen

ESiOR Oy’s Market Access expertise is increasing… Welcome, Riikka Kettunen!

Riikka Kettunen has joined ESiOR as a Market Access Manager on August 13th 2018. Riikka has unique experience. She has been a member of Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board, Pharmaceutical Officer at Social Insurance Institution and Market Access Specialist as well as Scientific Advisor in a pharmaceutical company. Riikka strengthens the already comprehensive experience of ESiOR for the benefit of our customers.

Our knowledge and expertise provide best solutions to your challenges!

Additional information: Erkki Soini, Akseli Kivioja

SHEOG: cost-effectiveness group @LinkedIn

Social and Health Economics and Outcomes Group (SHEOG) @LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8678341

You are welcome to join SHEOG! SHEOG @LinkedIn aims to

  • encourage discussion about economic evaluation and outcomes research in social and health care (SOHE),
  • inform members of events and recent publications related to the economic evaluation or outcomes of SOHE, and
  • serve as a discussion and contacting forum related to challenges and solutions confronted in the field of SOHE economic evaluation or outcomes.

SHEOG interests include but are not limited to SOHE assessment themes, methods, results, scientific articles, congresses, financing and development related to drugs, procedures, devices, processes, digitalization, analytics, modelling, artificial intelligence or other SOHE technologies.

Posts in English or Finnish. Thank you!

Additional information: Erkki Soini

Virtual hospital 2.0 and Isaacus: presentations March 15, 2018

Virtual Hospital 2.0 mid-assessment and Isaacus pre-production project results are presented as podiums in an international eHealth2018 congress

ESiOR takes part in the international eHealth congress and has two oral presentations on current and also internationally interesting projects:

  • Virtual hospital 2.0 – modelled cost-benefit assessment: Towards potential economic efficiency with digitalization and customer-responsive services.
  • Isaacus pre-production project: child protection process and placement decision.

Congress registration is still open, welcome! eHealth2018 – The 23 ISfTeH International Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth https://www.telemedicine.fi/images/pdf/kansalliset_seminaarit/2018/eHealth2018-flyer.pdf

Additional information: Erkki Soini, Saku Väätäinen or Taru Hallinen

Welcome Saara Huoponen

ESiOR Oy gets stronger… We welcome the 10th member of our team!

Namely, ISPOR-awarded Saara Huoponen has joined our team as health economic consultant and Market Access specialist. Saara has earlier worked eg as Pricing and Reimbursement Officer at Farenta Oy.

In addition to the rare double ISPOR experience as the Scientific Review Committee Co-Chair, our team now has two ISPOR winners! The ESiOR team is unique, eg two of our experts have also worked as chief pharmacists in the Pharmaceuticals pricing board…

Additional information: Erkki Soini, Saara Huoponen

Akseli Kivioja and Satu Rauhala: stronger service portfolio at ESiOR

Well-known Market Access professionals, Satu Rauhala and Akseli Kivioja, joined ESiOR on August 7th, 2017. Their joint experience is unique: Finnish Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board, pharma industry, pharmaceutical research, and consultancy.

When you are in need of experience, expertise and broad vision, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional information: Akseli Kivioja, Satu Rauhala or Erkki Soini

Professor pharmacoeconomics

Janne Martikainen, PhD (health economics), Adjunct Professor (economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals) in Turku University and one of ESiOR’s health economists and partners is now also the new Professor of pharmacoeconomics in the University of Eastern Finland.