Fragmented source data – not enough real information?

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Nowadays, diverse information sources and scientific literature are within the reach of everyone. The problem is rarely having too little information to enable decision-making. The most common problem is related to the fragmented nature of the information. There is just too much information, the information is presented in a form that is difficult to use, […]

Better information – better decisions is our motto

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ESiOR provides health-economic information in a form that supports decision-making. We design studies to evaluate, address and communicate the profitability and value associated with investment strategies concerning health-related technologies. These products or technologies may be service processes, procedures, devices, pharmaceutical products, food or other products related to health or health-care. Our health-economic information is directly […]

Study requested by the US Congress

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United States Government Accountability Office has published a study “Value in Health Care. Key Information for Policymakers to Assess Efforts to Improve Quality While Reducing Costs” requested by the US Congress. The report is about the simultaneous improvement of health care in terms of value produced and cost reduced. ESiOR’s Erkki Soini was invited to […]