Make a difference with effective communication

Communication within the organization is a prerequisite for improving operational performance. Similarly, communication to outside stakeholders is essential for making the benefits and competitive edge of the products and services known.


  • makes the competitive advantages known among different stakeholders
  • aids in decision making
  • is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of decisions
  • enables the use of information in care recommendations and other public documents.

Different media suit different communication goals

ESiOR is an experienced and well-known scientific content producer, publisher and communicator.

Examples of relevant stakeholders:

  • the pharmaceuticals pricing board (PPB)
  • specialist clinicians
  • general practitioners
  • medical experts
  • nursing professionals
  • social care professionals
  • pharmacists
  • governmental and local decision makers and experts
  • patients
  • consumers
  • guideline and recommendation workgroups.

Our media and means of communication include:

  • health economic evaluation (HEE)
  • health economic evaluation reports
  • price and reimbursement applications
  • scientific publications, journal articles
  • congress abstracts
  • congress posters
  • expert statements, expert opinions
  • congresses, symposia
  • fairs
  • lectures
  • education
  • events
  • marketing material
  • mobile applications, apps
  • social media.

In many contexts, only scientifically published evidence matters. For example consensus treatment recommendations and guidelines produced by the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea), Current Care Criteria workgroups and the European Network for Health Technology Assessment (EUnetHTA) are based on published evidence only.

You can see our comprehensive list of public references here.

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