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Mission statement: ESiOR empowers companies and service providers with information and insights which enable them to deliver high-quality and cost-effective products and services.


From data to competitive advantage


From data to competitive advantage

ESiOR timeline

2006 Company founded

2006 Two finalists in ISPOR

2006 Two ISPOR podium presentations

2006 A best-poster award from ISPOR: Bayesian prediction model

2007 Official start of business

2007 ISPOR finalist

2008 ISPOR podium presentation

2009 Guidance for health economic evaluations

2009 Three ISPOR finalists

2009 Rheumatology PodCast about our study

2010 European ISPOR: Co-chair of the scientific review committee

2010 Two ISPOR podium presentations

2010 ACR notable-poster award: health economic modelling for rheumatoid arthritis

2011 Participation in an US government study

2011 ISPOR podium presentation

2011 European ISPOR: Chair of cancer podium session

2011 European ISPOR: Co-chair of scientific review committee

2012 Adjunct professor of pharmacoeconomics

2012 An innovation ESiOR modelled and evaluated receives the National Health Award

2014 European SMDM cost-effectiveness podium session: Chair

2014 New solution: Hospital space planning (patient beds)

2014 ”Terveydenhuollon rahoituspäätökset” -symposium: Chair

2015 Designated by Kauppalehti as an Achiever

2015 An innovation ESiOR assessed receives a Nordic Star

2015 Guidance for health economic evaluations (indication extensions)

2015 WHO congress

2016 “SOTE-tiedot hyötykäyttöön seminaarin paneeli” – On seminar panel: Bringing social welfare and healthcare data into use

2016 New solution: Clinical cost-benefit analysis

2016 Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Legal preparation team workshop

2016 Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare

2016 New solution: Assessment of medical need

2016 Cost-effectiveness study group: Leader

2016 Request for statement regarding the secondary use of social welfare and healthcare data

2016 Health and Economics Day


2017 Law regarding the secondary use of social welfare and healthcare data

2017 Isaacus service operator

2018 Social welfare and healthcare comparison data

2019 Health, social services and regional government reform