eHealth2019: Five presentations


eHealth2019: Five presentations

We take part in eHealth2019 – International Conference 2019 & The 24th Finnish National Conference on Telemedicine and eHealth “Data-Driven Health” in Kuopio 2-3.4.2019.

Welcome to discuss health technology assessment and evaluation of social and health care services (stand 2) as well as to follow our presentations:

  • Tietoaltaat: Data-analytiikan, tiedon tuotannon ja terveystaloustulosten hyödyntäjän aarreaitta?
  • Cost-benefit evaluation of digital HealthyWeightHub: Virtual Hospital 2.0.
  • Digitalized secondary care services for insulin-dependent diabetes patients – Predictive cost-benefit analysis of Virtual Hospital 2.0 digital care path.
  • Child placement costs and cost drivers: Isaacus Kuopio data lake project.
  • Cost-benefit predictions of the Virtual Hospital 2.0 digitalized secondary care path for women with endometriosis in Turku area and in Finland.


More information: Erkki Soini, Taru Hallinen, Saku Väätäinen