Knowledge management

Knowledge management:

Transform insights into action and competitive advantage

Significant strategic choices are made easier by means of social and health economics, and knowledge management. Such strategic choices include price setting for products or services, demonstration of value, and identification of frequent attenders and frequent interventions.

Organizations need knowledge, insight and understanding for the planning, development and monitoring of:

  • vision
  • strategy
  • mission
  • tactics
  • operational action
  • knowledge-based decision making
  • evidence-based medicine (EBM)
  • goal setting
  • pricing
  • sales and marketing.

Better information – Wiser decisions

ESiOR produces comprehensible information, outcomes and key performance indicators (KPI). These support your decision making and help you to get the most out of the analysis results in numbers and in practice. Better decisions result in improved operational performance, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Benefit from our experience in predictive analytics, such as:

  • mathematical and statistical prediction models
  • Markov models
  • Bayes methods
  • decision trees.

Benefit from systematic and regular assessments

Systematic and regular analyses enable the improvement of comparisons, benchmarking, decision making, goal setting and outcomes.

Benefits of ESiOR modelling and analytics for knowledge management:

  • comparison of products, services, processes and networks
  • identification of factors that are influential for quality, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness
  • customer group segmentation based on relevant characteristics
  • operations benchmarking against competitors or other actors
  • prediction and comparison of alternative decisions with proactive modelling over the short and long term
  • realistic goal setting with a sound basis and goal attainment monitoring
  • model calibration over time through monitoring of model predictions and real-life observations
  • consultancy and development services.

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